Solar Energy Research (2004-2012)

I have spent many years conducting research in photovoltaics, starting in 8th grade. Some of my research interests have included organic photovoltaics, small molecule photovoltaics, quantum dot photovoltaics, hybrid organic-inorganic photovoltaics, carbon nanotube photovoltaics, zinc oxide nanostructures, and organic multijunction photovoltaics. Research was conducted at one of the following three places:

-University of Florida Laboratory or Organic Optoelectronisc (Prof. Jiangeng Xue)

-MIT Laboratory of Organic and Nanostructured Electronics (Prof. Vladimir Bulovic)

-Bar Ilan University Molecular Photonics Laboratory (Prof. Yaakov Tischler)

Some highlights:

2009- I worked to develop a novel hybrid photovoltaic with controlled morphology of zinc oxide nanofibers and P3HT to create a bulk heterojunction. See paper here.

2011- I collaborated with a research group in Ramat Gan, Israel to develop carbon nanotube solar cells. Unfortunately due to logistical reasons the resulting paper was never published. But here’s a (vaguely related) video on Forster resonant energy transfer! Okay, it’s not really that related. It’s also relevant to photovoltaics and I made it while working with this group in Israel. You decide how related that is