Electronic Music Pieces (2012)


These pieces were created in association with 21M.361, Electronic Music Composition.

My midterm project was a patch for the popular program MAX/MSP. It is algorithmic music, a program that will create an endless stream of music that is never repeating, and also perpetually follows the rules of classical music. Algorithmic music makes so much sense because music generally follows a set of rules which easily fit into the framework of a computer’s logic. Given more time I could program in more advanced features, such as multiple voices, dynamics, key changes, cadences, soloing, etc, as well as increasing randomness in things like tempo or harmonies. It’s an unbounded problem.

See here for Max patch. MAX/MSP software required to view.


My final project was kind of a strange piece, meant to be a commentary on time. The song starts with various sound clips about time. They are recurring themes throughout the song, but become more distorted and broken, as things tend to do over time. Interpret it as you may. See here for final project MP3.