Consulting Work (2013-2016)


Below are a few of the more interesting consulting work I’ve been involved in. Details of this work are protected by nondisclosure agreements. Please contact me with any questions.


buy cheap viagra online canada De-Ice (2015-2016)

This work involves electrical design/analysis and architecture work with a small team based out of Cambridge, MA.

Battery Venture (2013-2014)

This work involved consulting and a period of time as Chief Technical Officer of a early stage consumer electronics startup company based out of Cambridge, MA. The company focuses on battery solutions for consumer devices. During my time there I led a small engineering team on technical development of a mobile product.

Nomadica Brainstorming (2013)

During the summer of 2013, I spent two months at Nomadica Brainstorming, a startup in Barcelona, Spain. I work as the sole electrical engineer. I built an EE hardware lab, as well as writing specifications on a consumer electronics project, as well as schematic design, systems integration, sourcing, proof of concept, and early validation work. Unfortunately my contract ended before fully completing the project.